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The 5 Minute Dentist – 6 months later

Some of my readers may remember the post about the 5 minute dentist from 6 months ago where my “little brother” scout of mine went to a dentist and experienced a total of 5 minutes on the chair.

Well today we went to another dentist, 6 months later. We had to wait as insurance will not cover more than one routine check-up in a 6 month period, of course. This time we saw a dentist a few miles closer to my house in Reston. This dentist took Paul back and spent about 25 minutes with him before he was finished. And the result? Five cavities!

Yup. Unless Paul developed all five cavities in the last 6 months, we know what that last dentist was up to.

Live and Learn I guess.

And as you may recall, I did report this to the Smiles4Children insurance company’s fraud line. But I have not heard back from them yet. So for fun I decided to call the dentist and see if they still were in operation. I called the number (703-689-3420) just now and get a recording that the number is no longer in service! I had a moment of joy but then decided to look at the insurance company website and found that he is still listed as a provider. Ughhh.

So I Googled Dr. Anwar Ahmad of Herndon VA and found Dr. Ahmad’s Google Local Page. Evidently he now operates out of Alexandria, VA or maybe he always has:

1707 Osage Street #402, Alexandria, VA 22302 (703) 578-1700‎

So I called the office in Alexandria and a lady answered…sounded like the same assistant I met in Herndon. She said he does still operate the Herndon office and he is there on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. When I told her that the Herndon line has a “disconnected” message on it, she was surprised. I asked her for the number to be sure I had dialed correctly and sure enough, I had. It is a message saying “not in service” from the phone company. Maybe he forgot to pay his bill?

But even better is that his Google Local page has some wonderful comments on it. I added my own.

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