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Yahoo Resignation Letter

Yahoo logo

Yahoo! has been losing exec’s faster than, well, AOL used to. If you have been following the Terry Semel firing and the failed MSFT take over news, you know that Yahoo has really lost a lot of talent lately. had an article on a site that makes the resignation easier for people still there. And it is rather funny.

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From “Farmer John’s Blog” (well just my friend John M)…

Kids in Bed all the time

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Papal Visit

I nearly got caught in the Pope’s drive through Washington the other day from his place up in Northwest to the Whitehouse. Luckily, the timing was right and we got the the National Building Museum for our field trip without issue.

Jon Stewart’s take below :-)

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Heh :-)

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A Knot

As a follow-up to my Jamestown post, one of the things we learned was where the sailing term “Knot” came from. I have always known that a knot is 15% smaller than the same speed in miles/hour. But where did that term come from?

Below is what the sailing term “a Knot” is based off of. The sailor used a spool of rope like the one shown below. They put the end of the rope with the wooden “paddle” in the water and allowed it to un-spool with the speed of the ship. They timed the process with a sand timer (about 30 seconds) and then counted the number of actual knots that had been spooled into the water (the knots are on the rope and you can see one of them on the right side of the spool). They used this in the 1700’s to get from England to the “New World”.


Today I use a wrist watch which receives microwave signals from a constellation of 30+ satellites which can tell me within 15 feet where I am anywhere on earth.

Oh, and this marvel of technology can still tell me how fast I am going in Knots!!!

garmin gps 305 forerunner

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Animator vs. Animation (by Alan Becker)

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART

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Photoshop CS3 for the iPhone?!?!?

I laughed out loud when I watched this. Well done!

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Internet Crash of 2007!!

Found this Onion “news report” on Pretty funny.

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

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Going where no man has gone before…

My brother, Paul, is currently driving from his home in Seattle, Washington to Skagway, Alaska with one of his friends. While this may seem like a wonderful summer vacation and a chance to see the great Northwest, trust me, its not what it seems. Read more


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